Vision & Priorities

Othello Vision and Priorities for Community Economic Development

Background and Purpose: The Othello Vision and Community Economic Development Priorities are grounded in the goals the community developed through the Othello Neighborhood Plan Update in 2009. To further clarify and rally collaborative support for our work, On Board Othello developed this vision statement and a list of priorities that will guide implementation of our goals and create equitable community economic development at Othello.

Vision: Othello is a vibrant and welcoming multicultural community where businesses, residents, and visitors gather, explore, connect, and grow. With a rich immigrant history, this inclusive community generates innovative and equitable opportunities for current residents and businesses, as well as newcomers. The Othello community fosters development of its established businesses while welcoming new businesses and jobs that complement its unique community fabric.

To achieve this vision, On Board Othello and community partners will work together to foster:

Othello will be a welcoming neighborhood business district that highlights and supports its multicultural character.

  • Unifying brand that creates and fosters an Othello identity
  • New brand and marketing
  • Attractive streetscapes, both natural and built structures
  • Green spaces, trees, walkable, clean and safe, visible signage
  • Multiple, affordable indoor and outdoor gathering spaces
  • Parks, community centers, performing spaces, activities
Othello will attract well designed, quality developments that benefit the existing community and create opportunities for new residents and businesses

  • New developments will be cohesive, with unified look and feel; and aligned with neighborhood plan and design guidelines
  • Preserve and build upon cultural, ethnic, economic diversity of residents and businesses; prevent/mitigate displacement
  • Develop mixed-use buildings, maximizing transit-oriented development (TOD) zoning capacity
  • Develop full range of housing, mixed-income affordable to low- and moderate-income residents at range of family sizes; with a continuum that supports opportunities for families to increase income and thrive in place
  • Develop mix of commercial spaces – such as retail, office space, community center, co-working nonprofit space – at sizes that fit community needs, and that are desirable (higher ceilings, light etc)
  • Provide expansion/growth opportunities for existing businesses and attract businesses that are missing and complement existing offerings (respond to retail study (link to Othello Retail Analysis Final_Saved in Vision and Priorities Folder))
  • Property owners, business owners, tenants, and developers all take ownership over development and have ongoing maintenance plan
Build Othello as a place of economic opportunity for current residents and businesses, and create a destination place for all

  • Use new development opportunities to strengthen business association and create ongoing/sustainable business improvement plan (BIA) to enhance entire district
  • Build on Othello’s retail strengths in food and restaurant services by creating more diverse food offerings to attract broader customer base.
  • Provide technical assistance and expansion support for local businesses
  • Opportunities that create a continuum for business growth
  • Diversify current offerings/amenities
  • Attract anchor retail, office or professional service tenant.
  • Provide jobs (living wage) major/anchor employer
  • Community benefits agreements from construction – jobs, community space, etc
  • Developer pledge – Ongoing communication and partnership – two-way
  • Grow economic opportunities that benefit the existing community
  • Promote after 5PM retail and public activities