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Smell the world’s rarest healing herbs, sample delicacies from Central America to SE Asia to East Africa, experience the serenity of a Buddhist temple, or take in the latest in international fashion all without leaving Seattle. How, you say? On an MLK BA business tour at Othello or Graham business districts!

You’ll meet small business owners from around the globe and experience what the world has to offer without worrying about pesky airline baggage fees. These free guided tours have previously included stops to Mexico: Huarachitos; Ethiopia: Lidia’s Cultural Store; China: Seattle Chinese Herbs and Av’s Flowers; Vietnam: New Holly Gifts and Alterations, Ba Mien Seafood & Market, Co Lam Pagoda Buddhist Temple, Rainier Restaurant, and Viet Wah Vietnamese Market; Cambodia: Seng Heng Asian market; and Thailand and Laos: Vientiane Loa Market. Plus local favorites: Platinum Plush and Steps Café.

New tours and additional businesses are being added to this year’s summer schedule starting in June, and will run monthly on Saturdays through September.

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