Hello Othello Story

Why do we say hello? When answering the phone, when introduced to someone—a friend, a family member, a neighbor, anyone at all—saying “Hello” is a common greeting spanning culture and language. “Hello” is the beginning of a conversation, the end of strangers, and the opening to friendship, community, and interconnectedness.

By embracing the simple act of saying “O! Hello Othello!” we celebrate the Othello community’s character of incredible diversity, vitality, and forward-looking optimism. “Hello” exudes the warmth of the people of many cultures who live and work here, as a universal greeting, a sign of welcome, and an invitation to make connections. And it is at the core of the community’s identity.

On Board Othello, with the support of City of Seattle Office of Economic Development and Community Cornerstones, enlisted the help of the community to develop the “Hello Othello” identity. By seeking input and feedback from as many corners of the community as possible, On Board Othello connected with ten local community and development groups throughout the process, including:  Vietnamese Friendship Association (VFA), Filipino Community of Seattle, Somali Community Services of Seattle, East African Community Services (EACS), Othello Park Alliance (OPA), Othello Station Community Advisory Team (OSCAT), Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), Southeast Effective Development (SEED), Rainier Valley Community Development Fund (RVCDF), and HomeSight.

Business interests were also consulted through the Rainier Chamber and MLK Business Association member organizations including: Huarachitos, Olympic Express, Rainier Restaurant & BBQ, Platinum Plush Fashions, Tony’s Bakery, The UPS Store at Othello, Fitch Funeral Home, and West Coast Commercial Realty.

The logo itself, a result of community pride and ownership, gives a nod to the vitality, warmth, and optimism of the area, presented in the auspicious color red, with styling that gives a nod to Chinese and Vietnamese paper cuts, the rising sun of Japan, and the red Bindi of South Asia. The extended color palette includes the colors at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, populations which are equally represented in the Rainier Valley.

In addition to integrating different cultures through color and design, “Hello Othello” is connected with other bold, distinctive identities throughout the Rainier Valley, including the  MLKBA, Plate of Nations, Rainier Beach Square, and Mt. Baker to name a few. The overall theme captures the united spirit of the area as an entrepreneurial incubator and landing place for many of the immigrant populations that have built the City of Seattle over the generations.