In our initial year, 2014, On Board Othello (OBO) reached some remarkable milestones. Through our dedicated coalition, 25 members and growing, and support from City of Seattle Office of Economic Development and Community Cornerstones, On Board Othello created a unifying Hello Othello brand, increased curb appeal with façade improvements, and built relationships with developers and businesses owners with the goal of creating equitable development at Othello.

At the core of this initiative is the community. On Board Othello built on the community priorities outlined in the 2009 Othello Neighborhood Plan update to create and implement a shared vision of equitable economic development at Othello. We developed an action plan and achieved the following in 2014:


Convened a broad coalition of community organizations, resident and business associations, and individual commercial property and business owners to develop and implement a shared vision of community economic development. We developed priorities for economic development and created work groups and an action plan to implement top strategies, including developer engagement, business attraction, marketing and promotion, and pedestrian environment. If you’re interested in growing with Othello, say “hello” here or get involved.
On Board Othello created the O! Hello Othello brand to convey our vibrant and welcoming district where all are welcome. The brand has been embraced widely—by residents, business owners, property owners, and developers—as a fun representation of Othello’s cultural diversity and our aspiration to attract new businesses and residents. We developed new marketing materials around this brand, including this website, stickers, and video, and translated the brand into 40 languages for the website and for business district banners next year. Two of the new developers have already incorporated the Hello Othello colors and concept into their building designs. Are you a new or existing business looking to locate at Othello, or a developer scouting the neighborhood? Ask us for a PR folder or schedule a tour.
Four developers are proceeding with projects that will bring 1,100 new residential units and up to 50,000 square feet of new commercial space. On Board Othello built relationships with all four developers, and shared our community vision and priorities, and our desire to shape these developments so they benefit the existing community and bring needed businesses to the district. We held a community-developer forum in October and participated in a design review meeting where our support for a revised commercial space concept and additional parking was critical to the project’s final approval. We have also engaged Othello property owners about potential re-development, and reached out to businesses considering relocating to Othello. If you are a developer, business owner, neighbor, or just curious about what’s new at Othello, feel free to say “hello.”
We are completing a façade improvement project with eleven businesses at the west side of Othello station—a district gateway. Improvements include exterior painting, new awnings, new blade signs, and removing bars and installing security film on windows. Want to see these improvements for yourself? Take the light rail to Othello Station and walk towards the NW corner of Othello and MLK. Store fronts 7119-7319 along MLK have received improvements, including volunteer lead landscape clean up parties. Look here for before and after photos or volunteer for a cleanup party (snacks included!).