O! Hello! Welcome to Othello!

Our Southeast Seattle community came together in 2014, as On Board Othello, to create, coordinate, and implement a shared vision of equitable economic development for our Othello neighborhood.


Our Shared Vision: Othello is a vibrant and welcoming multicultural community where businesses, residents, and visitors gather, explore, connect, and grow. With a rich immigrant history, this inclusive community generates innovative and equitable opportunities for current residents and businesses, as well as newcomers. The Othello community fosters development of its established businesses while welcoming new businesses and jobs that complement its unique community fabric.
Designed to welcome residents, developers, business owners, and friends near and far, this website is your first chance to say “O! Hello” to Othello. We invite you to gather the latest information on upcoming developments; explore our achievements, events, and opportunities; connect with neighbors, community leaders, developers, businesses, and nonprofits; and grow with Othello.

So come on in and say “O! Hello” to Othello!